Recommend BTC-Package from USI-TECH to receive attractive commissions!

You can pay off the commissions or buy additional BTC-Packages. To get partner commissions, there are 2 options:

1) Without agency license (registered partners)
Simply register for FREE and you will receive commissions for purchases from the first two levels.

2) With agency license (agency partner)
You buy an agency license (600 euros per year) and you have 3 direct partners who each have at least 12 active Bitcoin packages. This means that you are involved in all purchases for the entire matrix over 12 levels.

Affiliate Commission Overview

BTC-PACKAGE Provisions plan:

  • Agency partners receive a BTC-PACKAGE commission over 12 levels (with compression).
  • As an agency partner you need an agency license (600 EUR) as well as 3 direct partners with at least 12 active BTC-Packages.
  • Registered partners receive a commission for purchases from the first generation (10%) and from the second generation (3%).
  • The BTC-PACKAGE commission is paid out for each new purchase as well as for each additional purchase from the commission income.
  • The basis for the commission amount is the respective BTC-PACKAGE price less 3% Mining License Fee.
  • The commissions are payable immediately after each confirmed or activated BTC-PACKAGE purchase of a partner.
  • Multiple registrations from one person are not allowed. Only one account is permitted per household (verification will be made soon).


More than 2000 BTC-Packages: 800 EUR monthly car subsidy.

More than 5000 BTC-Packages: 1600 EUR monthly car subsidy.

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