Bitcoin Business Opportunities

How to play with Bitcoin safely?

Bitcoin business is the most hyped online business of digital currency these days. With the shooting market prices and effective ways to earn money with Bitcoin, many of us aren’t aware of the higher risks involved.

Ongoing buzz of Bitcoins have made many companies start websites for Bitcoin information or trading platforms with trading tutorials for beginners. One such company to be mentioned is Usi-Tech. Started as an automated trading platform for foreign exchange, it now includes trading platform for cryptocurrencies.

Company’s ratings are going up ever since the users signed up for BTC and are trading on regular basis. There are evidences with snapshots of earnings being posted by users on social media profiles who have made significant earnings using website’s trading softwares.

Below sections provide the basics of company workings and how you can earn money out of it.

What are the features of Usi-Tech

  • Automated Platform- It is a forex and Bitcoin auto trading and mining company.
  • Free to register- It is absolutely free to register. You aren’t asked at any time to make compulsory investment to buy any package or so. It depends upon your will and budget that how you make most out of the company’s programs and softwares.
  • Membership programs- It works on membership models. Herein each user recuits more affiliates under him, this goes on subsequently until a 3*12 matrix is formed.
  • BTC packages– Company offers Bitcoin packages which run for 140 trading days. Pricing and returns are as per the ongoing Bitcoin market rates.
  • Personalized dashboard- Once a user signs up, a personalized dashboard is provided allowing user to check and manage his activities.
  • Bitcoin platform- All payments are completely made in Bitcoins.

How to make money with Usi-tech

  • Affiliate programs- Affiliate programs offers you to connect more and more people in the company’s network to be eligible for commissions.
  • Commission based- There are two types of commissions involved- one is recruitment commission and the other is residual commission. Recruitment commission as the name suggests, is rewarded per new user signed up through your referral. Residual commission is rewarded if you have at least 3 more affiliates under you.
  • Brokerage fees- Brokerage fees is levied when the affiliates use usitech software. 25% of the fees is kept with the company while the rest 75% is divided in 12 parts for the eligible members of 3*12 matrix as residual commission. Member is eligible when he recruits at least 3 affiliates under him.
  • Return on BTC packages- Company offers 40% yield over one BTC package investment that runs 140 trading days. That means, 1 % each day of trading for attaining the goal of 140% by last day.

Why invest here and not Bitcoin business directly?

Company’s programs are designed in such a way to avoid losses. However, even in extreme scenarios of Bitcoin market, it keeps a check that losses don’t go beyond the deposits made.

In fluctuating market prices, it is always suggested to invest in company providing trading platform for Bitcoin rather than being a victim of direct market investment losses.

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