Earn Bitcoin Online – A Beginner’s Guide

Bitcoins changed the shape of cryptocurrencies forever. There may be many more virtual currencies other than bitcoin, but no other cryptocurrency contributed to rapid maturity of the market and technology like the bitcoins. Since their inception in 2009, this cryptocurrency has gone through the roof, here is a graph from Wikipedia showing the rise in the price of a bitcoin againt the US dollar:

As you can see the price crossed $1000 per bitcoin mark Januray 2017, and as of writing this guide a bitcoin is trading for $2732.76. A more than 100% rise in the price in the first half of 2017 alone. You can estimate how profitable it must have been to invest in bitcoins in the early years, however there is still time for you to make gains.

Now financial institutions, businesses and many countries are accepting bitcoins which opens up more streams to spend bitcoins. The more are the ways to spend them, the more opportunities available to earn bitcoins.

Let’s have a look at what approaches can help you earn this cryptocurrency online.

Bitcoin Mining

One of the easy opportunities to earn bitcoins online is to mine them on your own. Bitcoin mining is a term used to denote the decryption of a bitcoin block that releases the currency. In the beginning every block mined can earn you up to 50 BTC provided you were able to solve the underlying computation problem on your own. Currently, you can earn 12.5 BTC by mining a block. However, there are a few difficulties:

  • The computational problem of solving the hash has grown exponentially. Now no single equipment posseses the power to solve the problem alone, this forces you to join the pool of miners to get some reward
  • With growing difficulty, BTC mining is getting unprofitable

These difficulties make us look for more profitable ways to earn bitcoin that we cover next.

Getting paid in bitcoins

If you have any skills that can be sold online, then you are in luck. Instead of mining you can offer your service for cryptocurrency. To find such jobs you can visit the SubReddit /r/Jobs4Bitcoins on Reddit or Coinality.com, which is a job board for digital currency.

If you are a seller who deals in ecommerce or creative markets like Etsy, you can accept payments in bitcoin on your store. Even if you have your own merchant store, you can add “Bitcoin Accepted Here” to your store. Here’s a guide to setup bitcoin payment on your website.

Boost your trading skills

Trading is the most lucrative way to earn bitcoins online. In cryptocurrency trading you buy bitcoins via card or bank transfer payments and then use the price volatility of the currency to make profits in fiat value. We provide you the opportunity to trade bitcoins from the comfort of your home with as little investment as $55. Bitcoin trading is a risky venture and you need expert help to guide you throughout the trading process.

With us you can have a safe and profitable opportunity to earn bitcoins completely on autopilot.

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