An Informative guide on how to earn Bitcoins

The term Bitcoin came into the picture in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is also referred to as virtual currency. It is equivalent to currency, only it’s form is digital. The money grown here in the digital form is known as Cryptocurrency.

They aren’t present in a printed form such as euros, pounds or dollars, they are made by people and it’s business is increasing day by day through running computers. One can easily purchase Bitcoin through an ATM or online exchange.

Now, how is the Bitcoin functioning performed?

Bitcoin is achieved via computer network. The users here run a specialized software and solve certain mathematical problems and look for a block. Now, here a particular pattern is produced when BTC algorithm is implemented. On a match, bitcoin is produced.

Now, there are several ways through which one can earn Bitcoin. Below are some of the ideas:

Earn bitcoins by exchanging online earned money

It is quite easy to earn money online, especially when it comes to dollars. These dollars can be exchanged at a Coinbase or Bitstamp exchanges

Go for direct Bitcoin earning

There are many people who have taken a part time job exclusively for earning Bitcoin. Also, there are certain sites in the Bitcoin ecosystem such as Fiverr, Elance etc. through which one can earn bitcoin


This technique is useful for the publishers or the bloggers. One can make money through ad impressions. For example: Coin URL helps in placing Google AdSense ads. These ads are then published on your website and one can make money through it.

Go Social

Can you imagine there are some sites in the market that allow you to earn mili bitcoins through just chatting. All one has to do is, chat on their website. For e.g.: CoinChat.

One can also earn bitcoins by simply vending their forum signatures. The Bitcointalk forums accept them. The advertisers who are quite socially active would really like to do this. Selling signatures can be a nice way to earn bitcoins.

Above mentioned were some of the ways through which one earn bitcoins online. In the above case no third party is involved and neither there is any sort of transaction fee.

Now, where all can you purchase Bitcoins? Let’s have a look on some of the websites names:


On this primary site, face to face transactions take place and the prices can be easily negotiated. The transcations have become very secure since the escrow service has started.


This is a very famous website for purchasing bitcoins. On sign up only, $5 bonus is awarded.


Great site for buying and selling bitcoins offering payments through SEPA, Giropay and many more.


This is a user friendly website and here bitcoins can be sold as well as purchased through either bank transfers or hard currency.

So, there are enormous ways through which one can earn or purchase bitcoins. But, make sure that Bitcoins are not regulated by the US Government and neither are they insure in any sort of way.

Want to earn bitcoin?

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