How To Earn Bitcoin- No Hype, Just The Facts

It’s a very upbeat question that gets asked by hundreds of beginners every day. Since bitcoins have the potential to return massive profits, everyone wants a share of the pie. It feels good to see so many people interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, but there is a fact that most of them ignore-

There is no shortcut or easy way to earn substantial bitcoins

There is nothing different about bitcoins than any other investment instrument. If you want to earn bitcoins you need to be serious about putting in the mouth where the money is. Here I am going to share with you some reliable and legit ways to earn bitcoins that work.

Micro Earnings

Most time consuming of all the methods, but the easiest to get started with micro earning websites require you to complete some small tasks. In return you get paid, but negligible amount. You cannot earn a fair number of bitcoins, but if you have time to spare, you can try.

There are many micro earning websites like PTC websites that pay you bitcoins for viewing or clicking advertisements. Ads4BTC is the most famous PTC website. You can also try bitcoin faucets that pay you around 1000 Satoshis or 0.00001BTC for visiting websites and taking surveys.

Micro jobs are another alternative to earn small amount of bitcoins. Coinworker is a popular micro job website, where you can find legitimate micro work opportunities.

Writing about Bitcoin

A more serious way to earn bitcoins is to write and share knowledge about them. There is no limit to your earning potential and it depends on what you choose to write. Bitcoin Talk Forum Signature Campaign is one such program that pays you to write post on the forum. Your post is followed by a product campaign in the signature.

However, we recommend you to invest your time in getting expert in your bitcoin domain knowledge and write for blogs and news sites. There are limitless bitcoin trading platforms and exchanges that pay big to writers with good caliber. You can choose to get paid in BTC or fiat currency. If you are a writer looking for Bitcoin related websites and blogs, Coinality is the best digital currency job board for finding Bitcoin jobs online.

Bitcoin trading

It was in the past when bitcoin trading was available for traders in restricted countries only. Now there are bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms that operate from all over the world. If you have trading acumen then you can make really serious profits. We provide you freedom to get started with bitcoin trading on autopilot.

There are many ways to trade bitcoins like Bitcoin day trading, Bitcoin CFDs (contracts for difference) and Bitcoin binary options. However, like any other commodity trading there is risk involved in bitcoin trading as well.

There are many possibilities to earn bitcoins online today. Do not look for easy ways to earn bitcoins. If you want serious money, you know you have to work for it.

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