4 popular ways to make bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. People are making good money by investing in the Cryptocurrency; especially in Bitcoins. If you want to know how to make Bitcoins then this article is for you. Here are the some of the most popular ways through which you can make bitcoin effortlessly.

Before we discuss that, it is really important to know that you have to get a free e-wallet/ bitcoin wallet to invest in the bitcoins. This wallet will serve as a bridge through which you can earn, sell and make payments in bitcoins. There are various online companies that help you in getting such a wallet.

4 popular ways to make bitcoin online

1.Accept Business payments in the form of Bitcoins

This is the most common and popular way to earn more bitcoins. If you have a business setup or you sell products or offer services in the market, you must start accepting payment in the form of bitcoins. You can literally forget about the cash/card payments to earn extra bitcoins like this.

For this, you have to print your bitcoins QR-code and put it on your shop/showroom/where you accept payments. This will enable your customers to know that you accept bitcoins as well. You can also put a specific signage or logo telling your clients that you have started accepting Bitcoins as payment also.

2.Bitcoin Faucets

The other way to earn bitcoins is by working for the websites that pay you in Bitcoins/satoshis. These websites are known as Bitcoin Faucets and are legally approved. You can pick up your tasks and get paid by successfully completing it on time.

For example, one task could be that you have to complete till level 5 in a game to earn 100 satoshis. The other task can be that you have to click on the displayed advertisements for at least 5 hours to earn 1000 satoshis.
There are various Bitcoins faucets online that allow you to pick up tasks to earn more bitcoins.

3.Lend and Earn

If you have enough Bitcoins that you can lend and get interest in your Bitcoins then, you must do it. Let us explain this through an example, suppose there is a MNC which is looking forward to take a loan of 1000 bitcoins.

Now, you can lend Bitcoins to this company on a mutually agreed interest rate. This interest rate is going to be extra bitcoins that you will earn.

It is advisable that you lend bitcoins to trusted parties/companies so that you can grow it better.

4.Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining will allow you to search for more bitcoins and add them to your treasure. The mining process is not that simple as it sounds. Bitcoin mining requires your time and patience. You cannot just think of earning extra bitcoins overnight through mining.

One can also invest in the bitcoin pool to earn extra bitcoins.

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